Command G

By Kendall Shaw


What does Command G do? 

Command G is the St. Edward’s University graphic design club, which is open to anyone who is passionate about or wants to learn more about graphic design. This could mean participating in a field trip to a design studio, attending a demonstration at the Risograph Lab on campus, or designing screen-printed pencil bags and totes.   


What do you get out of participating in Command G? 

On a recent visit to a studio in East Austin, students were able to ask working graphic designers about their process, their vision, and practicalities like “what do you look for in a portfolio?” In addition to making connections with professionals in the field, Command G is the absolute best way for St. Edward’s graphic designers to be exposed to the Austin design scene, which only continues to grow.

At this studio tour, a student remarked to an impressed professional that she appreciates the way St. Edward’s puts an emphasis on the relationship between graphic design and social justice, which is a big part of how Command G encourages engagement among its members. By giving student graphic designers the skills and opportunities they need to push them, Command G enables a force of talented designers to enact the change they want to see.  


How does Command G contribute to the St. Edward’s community? 

Club officers plan the events, but everyone is welcome to attend. The club has a huge pool of members who come to events that interest them at different times in the semester, meaning getting involved isn’t a burden. Officers are welcoming, excited to see new faces, and knowledgeable about all things graphic design. 

“We’re really all about having everyone involved,” a Command G officer said when asked about how the club fits in with campus life, “You don’t have to be an artist or a designer to appreciate art and design.”  

Some members are graphic design majors, and others are just looking to get their feet wet, but all events are designed to be fun, informative, and exciting for everyone. 


How can students get involved?

You can keep up with Command G through their Facebook page.


PDF Profile for Command G

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