Electric Lady Coalition

By Mallory Hicks


What does Electric Lady Coalition do?

The Electric Lady Coalition (ELC) is a young group on campus that strives to establish discourse about women’s empowerment in the St. Edward’s community. As they build a feminist organization from the ground up, the organization has to deal with preconceived notions of what this means: ELC strives to create their own, positive definition. According to ELC President, Hailey Williams, “I personally hope that ELC invigorates the women and men of St. Edward’s to gain self-confidence, mentorship, and inspiration to act on their dreams!”


What do you get out of participating in ELC?

ELC hosts several events throughout the semester related to women’s empowerment and networking. For example, the organization held a dance party on Halloween on the third floor of Fleck Hall as part of #ISSACOSTUMEPARTY. The event also offered an informational session about breast cancer awareness and how to properly be aware of breast cancer precautions. The following week, ELC organized an excursion to GSD&M, a marketing firm headquartered in Austin. At the event, participants sat down with the firm’s co-founder, Judy Trabulsi, to discuss her experience in the workplace. ELC also holds monthly meetings so that members can connect to one another and the organization can establish a supportive community.


What does ELC contribute to the St. Edward’s community?

The Electric Lady Coalition contributes to the St. Edward’s community in a number of ways. First, the organization serves as a venue for local action in the feminist movement. This includes providing a safe space where St. Edward’s student can empower the women in their lives. Just as the university encourages students to ‘take on your world,’ Electric Lady Coalition empowers others to take on their world. Additionally, the organizations creates connections between the St. Edward’s community and the Austin Community. Williams adds, “My hope is that someone is able to develop a mentorship with one of our guest speakers, because having a mentor/connection in your industry or field can really jump start your career.” Finally, students benefit from the open platform to discuss issues that matter to them and to figure out what their personal values are. At the Glow and Grow meeting in fall 2017, for example, students made “vision boards” to represent themselves and what they believe in and want to achieve in life. This gave several people the opportunity to speak about issues and agendas that they hold close to their hearts. At the event, one student made a statement about how she was discovering herself and her sexuality, which was met with encouragement by the other members. As treasurer, Nancy Ramirez comments, “I think ELC brings the conversation of women’s ever changing role in society. It reestablishes the fact that women deserve and are constantly striving for greatness. ELC brings the conversation of equality to our campus in regards to gender.”


How can students get involved?

To learn about more involvement, email electric_lady@stedwards.edu.


PDF Profile for Electric Lady Coalition

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