(LGBT+) Pride

By Eric Anderson


What does Pride do?

St. Edward’s University’s Pride is a social and educational, LGBT+ organization on campus that serves as a hub for student interaction, representation, and civic education. The organization regularly holds social meetings, community outreach events, and other events dedicated to LGBT+ empowerment. Two key annual events the organization hosts are a presence in the Austin Gay Pride Parade and the St. Edward’s University Drag Show. Every year, members of the organization come together to march in the city’s gay pride parade, celebrating diversity and the local LGBT+ community. In more recent years, Pride has hosted a drag show, which brings together the campus community for a night of entertainment and community outreach.


What do you get out of participating in Pride?

Pride offers a place for students to feel welcome to express themselves regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and is open to all students, including allies. Students feel that Pride contributes to the overall feeling of diversity acceptance on campus, which further establishes the presence of diverse student representation. In addition to serving as a means of educating the St. Edward’s community on topics pertaining to LGBT+ rights and culture, the organization also holds events which aim to help the community build self-love and value on the personal level:

“LGBTQ people are welcome here. We have a community on the hilltop and we have a presence and Pride is a huge part of creating and keeping that presence alive,” a Pride member said.

“The Pride club creates a safe space for members to tell their story and just be accepted. My favorite event by Pride is their Coming Out event on National Coming Out Day. Everyone gathers around the seal and, if they so choose, gets a chance to tell their coming out story. Not only does it speak to the safety and inclusivity of the spaces they create but it also shows how much it matters for us as LGBTQ people to be visible and be heard and be proud of who we are. That event is most representative of what Pride is about, in my opinion,” another Pride member said.


What does Pride contribute to the St. Edward’s community?

First and foremost, Pride functions as a supportive group for all students, including allies of the LGBT+ community. The organization strives to diminish discrimination in the St. Edward’s community through educational and community engagement events held on campus. The presence of the organization helps to build a sense of community for LGBT+ students and creates an atmosphere of acceptance and recognition of diversity. While the organization puts forth an effort to educate the student body and supports students on a personal level, they primarily strive to provide an outlet for entertainment and fun for students to come together in the name of acceptance.


How can students get involved?

Further insight into Pride can be found on their web platforms, which includes the organization’s official university site and their Facebook page. You can also contact the club via email or phone. The information is provided below. Their Facebook page includes upcoming event information.

Pride homepage


Email: pride@stedwards.edu

Phone Number: (414) 807-1571


PDF Profile for Pride

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