Mariachi Alas De Oro

By Hannah McKeating


What does Mariachi Alas De Oro do?

Mariachi Alas de Oro is a music class taught by Dr. Colarusso where you can pursue music as well as participate in Mexican culture. Each year, Mariachi Alas de Oro looks for new students to play guitar, violin, flute, trumpet or sing. The mariachi band is a creative way for students to get involved in the community by exploring and participating in one of the many interactive cultures we have on campus. While there are many ways to get involved with Mexican and Mexican-American culture on campus, the mariachi band is a musical, creative outlet open to you while also bringing an artistic approach to a culture that you may not be exposed to otherwise.


What do you get out of participating in Mariachi Alas de Oro?

Mariachi music is deeply ingrained in Mexican history and in the Mexican community; however, it offers a personal side of the culture and history that truly makes it the sound for Mexican people. The lyrics and stories that are told through mariachi music are tales of real human emotions embedded in Mexican culture.

As one member recalls, “I’ve always been inclined to the cultural side of the mariachi music because I am Hispanic. It’s a passionate outlet for me. All the songs have so much heart and soul in them, and I feel like every time we present one we present it with such passion that it inspires other people, as well as me. The first time I sat in on a practice I fell in love with it, I was just hit by how amazing they sounded. Ever since then, I realized that this is the place for me.”

For students that aren’t members of the band or don’t already have cultural ties with the music, it can be just as inspiring. One woman attending the band’s annual Dia de los Muertos concert was moved to tears by their performance. One student said, “They’re just such good musicians, and the songs are so emotional. I feel like they really believe what they’re singing.” 


What does Mariachi Alas de Oro contribute to the St. Edward’s community?

Mariachi Alas de Oro offers a rich historical and cultural connection for students all over the campus, whether they were a member of the culture already or not. The organization performs on and off campus and holds a fall and spring concert every year. They also participate in other events around campus, so it’s easy to see them perform. Whether you’re apart of the band or a member of the audience, the mariachi band has plenty to offer. Students are able to engage with the community in an artistic, passionate way.

Joining the Mariachi Alas de Oro offers students a way to get artistically engaged with the community and provides a platform for self-expression. If you don’t feel compelled to take the class, watching any of the amazing performances by the band and it will be worth your while.


How can students get involved?

For more information about Mariachi Alas De Oro, check out the information on St. Edward’s Music Department.


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