Red Doors Society

By Kali Carpenter


What does the Red Doors Society do?

As a section of Hilltop Leadership Development, the Red Doors Society (RDS) strives to build leaders on campus. Their mission is to be, “an inclusive, multi-semester program aimed at developing participants into agents of positive social change,” according to the RDS mission statement. Workshops are held twice a month and you learn about the social change model through lectures, interactive discussions, and activities. Each student who attends will be enrolled in the program through a Canvas instructional portal where you can keep up with the work you have accomplished, as well as find leadership and service opportunities through announcements and discussion boards. Complete the workshops and graduate the program as a Hilltop leader! Along with the workshops, RDS works in coordination with Hilltop Leadership Development to provide programs like week-long leadership retreat LeaderShape.


What do you get out of participating in RDS?

Are you looking to learn how to be a leader, to find service hours, or just to find a place to make friends and connections? RDS work

shops are a wonderful way to build relationships and connections on campus while learning useful tools for your professional and communal life. Do you have a hard time engaging in groups and with people? Many students come to workshops as a way to work on building social skills in a new environment. The hospitable atmosphere and various events help create lasting friendships and connections with peers that share values.

RDS is also a wonderful way to gain service hours and get involved in organizations and causes you never knew you cared about. From sending books to prisoners to helping troubled teens with horses, there are tons of ways you can get involved in your communities off campus and help make your future bright.


How does RDS contribute the St. Edward’s community?

RDS is a great way for you to engage with other members of your community through learning. RDS hosts dozens of events where students are encouraged to discuss the values and roles in our communities and how they, both as individuals and as groups, can take steps to make positive changes. Unlike other leadership events on campus, RDS focuses on student-run events that allow attendees to feel relaxed and open.

Many students coming to St. Edward’s have maintained leadership roles in some aspect of their lives: group projects, family game nights, even tough shifts at work. RDS works to help students learn how to be more effective leaders and learn when to step up to a leadership role. Members of the program are counseled on how to understand the values and needs of the community and how to engage with their peers in addressing those needs. You are given the confidence to chase your goals and become a better citizen of your world.

Big changes are currently coming to RDS in the Spring semester, and information on the new structure will be released soon. While the current methods and structure may be changing, the mission and intent of the program will remain the same: to develop students into agents of positive change.


How can students get involved?

In order to participate, students must have at least a 2.0 GPA, be enrolled on campus, and want to be involved in leadership growth opportunities; it’s that simple! For questions or information on the program, contact Ashley Esparza at


PDF Profile for Red Doors Society

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