Topper Radio

By Genevia Kanu


What does Topper Radio do?

Topper Radio is the St. Edward’s award-winning student ran and operated radio station. The radio station was established to provide students with an opportunity to do “whatever [they] want” in the words of Executive Producer Isaiah Hough. Their mission is to be an active channel of communication for both students and faculty, allowing them to have an open dialogue about a variety of subjects. When observing the show “Parking Lot Sessions” with a student, I got to see this first hand as the host discussed her opinions on love and relationships, receiving responses from other students via Twitter. It also provides radio hosts professional experience for the media and entertainment fields. Topper radio is for those who want to “put something out there and have people consume it.”


What do you get out of participating in Topper Radio?

According to Hough, you get “Freedom of speech” and an opportunity to “vocal[ize] about what is important to [you].” It is important to note that Topper Radio allows anyone and everyone a platform. Hough hosts meetings weekly to collaborate on ideas and ask for help, it is the host that is in control. You not only get real-world experience at an award-winning radio station, providing them a professional edge, but are in control of the subject of conversation. You can lead their show in a way that encourages diverse discussion on a variety of issues. Topper Radio puts you in control of sharing your voice and creating change on the St. Edward’s campus.


What does Topper Radio contribute to the St. Edward’s community?

Topper Radio allows the entire campus to listen to their peers in a unique way. It takes learning and difficult conversations out of the classroom, makes them palatable, and turns them into things that may be difficult to approach in other ways. Topper Radio gives students the power to speak to broad audiences.


How can students get involved?

For more information, please email them at


PDF Profile for Topper Radio

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