Topper Tech Talks

By Lucas Robbins


What does Topper Tech Talks do?

The Topper Tech Talk series, hosted by the Office of Instructional Technology, allows you to engage with members of the tech world through talks on the future and current issues in technological development. You are able to hear speakers from nationally leading tech companies like Mozilla, Microsoft, and Google host discussions on their intentions in developing their companies and the intended impact of their products. Each event will last approximately two hours and will involve a speech by a representative of each company, followed by a Q&A. The events are hosted in the Jones Auditorium, and free food (usually pizza) is provided to anyone who attends.


What do you get out of participating in Topper Tech Talks?

Students can engage by asking questions about the use of specific technology on their future careers, can be informed of ways to use technology to better help their education as the speakers from the companies are knowledgeable and engaged in the areas of design, computer science, and marketing of their products. Many students were able to ask questions regarding the future of their majors and possible career options, and were given platform to ask and be asked questions regarding the technology community by a professional. While much of the event is spent detailing the advances in each company’s products such as Firefox and Photoshop, the practical and the theoretical blend during the Q&A from the students questions and the advice from the representative.


What do Topper Tech Talks contribute to the St. Edward’s community?

Going to the Tech Talks provides a space to ask questions about the future of the tech world to the people currently developing the tools that we use at St. Edward’s. David Waldron, Vice President for Information Technology at St. Edward’s, hopes to grow the talks into discussions on the ethics of technologies such as artificial intelligence, and to inform students of the practicalities and developments on cutting edge, important tech. Both the practical and the theoretical sides of the Topper Tech Talks engage in important conversations that are not had elsewhere on campus and provide students with a look at and a platform to ask questions of the companies that are providing the technology that they engage with on a daily basis.


How can students get involved?

You can visit OIT’s Facebook for more information and dates.


PDF Profile for Topper Tech Talks

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