Transfer Students Association

By Julie Anne Chaires 


What does the Transfer Students Association do?

The Transfer Students Association (TSA) is a St. Edward’s organization that welcomes and supports transfer students in their new college environment. The purpose of their presence on campus is to keep transfer students on track emotionally and academically by creating events that cater to their social interactions during stressful times of the semester. TSA strives to create a dialogue between students that are coming in from different backgrounds and need a little help meeting new people around campus.

Students who are new to the community of St. Edward’s University can find other people within this organization that can relate to their new setting, which creates a comfortable space to engage with one another. TSA creates such a warm and inviting presence that students engage in civil conversations ranging from school issues to political and social issues. I am a transfer student myself, and the dinners and the events this organization holds throughout the year have helped me feel more welcome and at the very least comfortable enough to engage in meaningful conversations with other students.


What do you get out of being in TSA?

TSA creates an atmosphere where students can come enjoy food and socialize with each other. They throw potlucks throughout the year and organize dinners for students to check in and see how their year is going. Another fun thing they do is to organize things like hiking events at the Green Belt. These events are a good way for students to engage with each other and have a good time while doing it. TSA offers more options for students who don’t live on the hilltop and don’t necessarily have the on-campus life that most kids do here.

The appeal of their events centers around the simple fact that as you age it tends to become more difficult to make friends that are genuine and consistent. TSA helps bring together people that are truly looking for comrades in school life and life in general. Transfer students sometimes come from interesting backgrounds and different lifestyles, so it is nice to come to an event that caters to socializing and welcoming students to the campus. Their events harbor a feeling of inclusion which then leads to everyone becoming willing to talk to each other on a humble and accepting level. The benefit of TSA and their style of interaction is that more people become engaged with the community of St. Edward’s and more voices are put forth within the student body.


How does TSA contribute to the St. Edward’s community?

TSA is a great way for students to feel comfortable enough to talk to each to other about things that go beyond homework and student life. It is important as a college student to make friends just as much as it’s important to do well with your studies. Both go hand -in-hand and this organization makes sure to include the students that came in from a different school and lifestyle. Native students already have a handle on their social and academic life; TSA makes sure to look out for the students who don’t have a good handle on those things yet and puts together events that cater to their social and academic stresses.

This organization brings a welcoming and mentoring culture to the St. Edwards campus where all students can feel like they are an active member of the academic and social dynamic. The climate of TSA is important for the student body because it leaves no one behind, and allows for the people who might feel displaced to have a voice among the student body. This organization is a great way to bring all students together to form one collectively conscious student body. A student body that engages well with one another and feels comfort among one another is a student body that succeeds in all endeavors of life, not just college.


How can students get involved?

If you are curious and want to reach this organization email them at, or you can attend their Christmas party gift exchange that is coming up on the 8th. One way to keep up with events would be to visit their website.


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