University Programming Board

by Mallory Hicks


What does University Programming Board do?

University Programming Board (UPB) is an organization on campus that creates and plans events. They host huge events like the end of the year concert or Hillfest, which draws in hundreds of students. Each event is unique and doesn’t just cater to one particular type of student. In UPB, there are six chairs: Screen, Music, Arts and Leisure, Performers, Special Events, and Marketing. Each chair oversees a different type of event and creates their events according to their genre. UPB is unique because each member of their team is a student, so the events are created for students by students, which provides a different perspective on what students want. I work for UPB as their Screen chair, so I organize events related to screen such as: movies, games, and trivia events.

One of the events done by UPB was Halloween on the Lawn. UPB setup a circus tent equipped with string lights and a DJ in front of Dujarie Hall. The event had dancing, food, games, a fortune teller, and crafts. Students of all classes attended in costumes, competing for the coveted five-pound gummy bear and first place prize portable speaker. Though the temperature had plummeted, students still flocked to the photo booth and smiled for their picture anyway. Special Events coordinator and planner of Halloween on the Lawn, Sabrina Latigo, commented, “I hope that our events stay with them and that they are able to look back and have fond memories of our events. I want to be able to have a meaning connection to students!”


What do you get out of participating in UPB?

UPB is a chartered organization on campus and you must apply and interview with the executive director and the overseeing staff member in order to be accepted. However, they have a new program within the org called University Programming Board Ambassadors, or UPBAs. These are students that apply and are accepted into the program where they are mentored by a chair member and assist in the planning and execution of the events. Students can join UPBAs to be more involved on campus and meet new people, as well as create a community within themselves.


What does UPB contribute to the St. Edward’s community?

Students that attend events are the common goal to reach. According to a UPB survey, one student said, “The Halloween party was really fun and led to more connections with people and having that shared experience can bring us closer.” According to UPB executive director, Colin de Guzman, “UPB events have one very common goal in mind. We cater to the students’ everything. We want students to come and enjoy and come again to our events. We do not plan events just for the interests of us, rather we plan events that can spark something within a student. Whether it is a new hobby or a new liking to a type of music to even wanting to plan events or making lasting memories with their peers.” With this attitude, UPB strives to create the best possible experience for the student body. Another student said, “I remember being really awkward in the beginning and solely staying with my roommate but once the night continued I was able to meet new people from different halls and bond with people who lived in mine.” With that in mind, UPB creates a space for students to nurture their own communities and experiences.

The student population are not the only ones to benefit from UPB. The event planners themselves earn experience in event planning and leadership. They further increase their reach of opportunities through the UPBA program. The UPBA program allows for the chair members to exercise their leadership skills, as well as mentor a group that will hopefully use this experience to further involve themselves in campus activities.


How can students get involved?

To learn about more involvement, email


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