Making Waves: Volunteer Opportunities & Event Calendar

Even the biggest waves start with small ripples. Here at Blue Velvet we believe change is possible and volunteering is definitely a key factor.

The biggest contributor of ocean pollution is runoff with nearly 80 percent of the pollutants  originating from land. Pollutants like plastic, metal, and glass as a result of littering end up in rivers which eventually accumulate and end up in the ocean. Approximately ten rivers make up 90 percent of the ocean’s pollution. Although, none of these are in the United States, it serves as a reminder that the overall problem starts at a much smaller scale. There is many ways we can stop plastic and other hazardous materials from ending up in the ocean. Preventing litter and waste is just one step in the right direction. With that said, while we can’t fix the problem overnight we can start by properly eliminating waste and commit to volunteering in community clean ups or city-wide river clean ups.


Where to start?


Luckily for our fellow Austinites, Keep Austin Beautiful, a Keep America Beautiful affiliate offers year round volunteering opportunities. There is a Lady Bird Lake large scale clean up approaching as soon as Feb. 16th. They host these cleanups bi-monthly and service events for anyone that is interested. For more information on how to sign up click here.


For those of you who are not in the Austin area, there  are Keep America Beautiful affiliates in most major cities across the United States. Volunteer match also does a good job of finding opportunities and organizations in your area related to environmental causes to be a part of as well.


Volunteering gives you the chance to meet like-minded individuals who are just as dedicated to giving back and making a difference no matter how small. As part of the Blue Velvet team we not only want to increase public awareness but also encourage you to dedicate even just a portion of your time to build better waste management practices and participate in community events like these.


As we find more events or educational activities we will add them to our calendar and promote and feature reminders on our social media platforms. Down below you can see the one for this month.


Upcoming Events

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