Blog Post #4: The Bani Walid Uprising

Battle of Bani Walid

After Gaddafi’s death, forces loyal the interim Government entered ┬áBani Walid, one of the last town loyal to Mohammad Gaddafi. NTC military commanders say they were met with heavy resistance upon entering the city. At the time of this battle, another battle in Sirte is also raging on, while bulldozers have begun demolishing Tripoli.

Destruction of the Museum

A museum in Bani Walid was destroyed by fighters during the Battle for the city. The museum was once a major European tourist destination, but now it is in ruins. Abdel Nasser al-Rabasi,a candidate for parliament in Libya, said that such an act is unforgettable and unforgivable. Officials were hoping that the second election since the death of Gaddafi would help ease the tension in the region. The country needs authority to ease the chaos, but it is unlikely to happen.


I wish I would have paid more attention when these uprisings were happening, not only for the sake of the class, but for my own knowledge. Libya is now completely fractured, and I don’t believe any of that will fix itself anytime soon. There are simply too many groups fighting for control over the country. Going back to my last blog post, the death of Gaddafi very well could have been the end of modern day Libya. I don’t believe the country has a chance to ever completely regain control itself. And that spells disaster for the entire region, not just Libya.

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