Beginner Woodworking First Project

Building a Box

For those of you looking for a good basic woodworking project, my suggestion would be to start with a box.  A box you say?  Why in the world would I want to start with a box?  Well, that is a great question that I am more than happy to answer.

Knowing how to make a box is a very necessary and basic skill.  Most projects created in your shop will be, believe it or not, some variation of a box.   It is the basic shape of almost every woodworking project.

In creating a box, you gain understanding in several key woodworking areas:


Steve Ramsey at Woodworking  for Mere Mortals has a great video on how to make a basic box:

The skills you will practice and hone as a beginner in creating boxes will apply to countless other projects you will create throughout your woodworking journey!

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How to Make a Basic Box – and why you need to know how.

One thought on “Beginner Woodworking First Project”

  1. I found this article very interesting, being myself the grandson of a carpenter. I grew up believing that this profession was an “old man” profession! And that this profession was going to die with the generation of my grandfather. That’s why I never really tried to learn this art in my youth. Here I am in adulthood and I discover the desire to learn to build with my own hands and to tame myself these skills which were once part of my family heritage. I have to resign myself to downloading plans from the internet in order to inspire myself and copy the ideas and techniques of other “old carpenters”. Ironic don’t you think?
    Thank you for this article which made me think today!

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