Adv Typ Mid-Term Assessment Essay

Adv Typ Mid-Term Assessment Essay

I’m probably less in my hours that I declared earlier in the semester. I think I’m hovering around 45 hours. Looking at my work, I think that it was probably more than enough.

My definition of “sophisticated” hasn’t really changed from last semester. I think my weather report is sophisticated through the style used to present the weather. It makes the context clear and understandable so that it fits with the futuristic weather theme.

The things I’ve learned all connects to the understanding of organizing text in a clear way so readers can read and comprehend easily. For the weather report, I learned new tools in After Effects to animate text so that the words on screen are legible and organized. Typeface choice is an important aspect. Every piece of the animation has a purpose and must fit the context of the data and visual theme.

I’m not unsure about much on this project.

I think this project is quite valuable. Two other projects from other classes I think relate to the weather report are the portfolio app and the typography 1 article layout. They both need planning and visual sense for an audience. The portfolio app focused on layout, transitions, and experience while the typography article focused more simply on static text placement and size. I think I’d rate the portfolio app highest, with the weather report in the middle and then the article.

Percentage wise in my creative development, I would say 50% me, 10% teacher, 10% classmates, 30% other visual design influences. I pull a lot from my past experience in design and the things I see around me.