1  Currently I am ranging about 25 hours per week, with 10 for each GDES class I am taking and the last 5 from my role as a graphic designer for New Literati. I think if I continue to with my 25 hours I will be on a steady tract to reach above my goal of 100.

2 My definition of “sophisticated” work has not really changed from last semester when i said it was work that exhibited some sort of thought process and conceptual thinking. However, now, after completing the weather project I think that sophisticated work also has some complex technical design elements that require some expertise or know how.

3 In this project I learned about the rest of the features and tools in After Effects that I did not learn while doing my portfolio app video for Image Methodology last semester. This project also was like a conglomeration of using everything I have learned so far in terms of choosing a typeface, a color palette, making my own marks and symbols, and the little knowledge I had of AE left over from last semester.

4 I feel like I understood this project and the objectives pretty well and thinking back I don’t think I feel unsure about any aspect of it.

5 The weather project falls between Jimmy’s mark project and the maps project from GDES 1. I see all three at the top of the scale of project value, but the weather project is closer to Jimmy’s mark project than the maps. The weather and mark projects are very close together, but the mark has a bit more value because it forces me to think more conceptually which hasn’t really been a huge part of a project till now. The weather project has helped me learn AE and how to go about designing motion and incorporating it into my design choices. The maps project didn’t have me learn too many new techniques in illustrator and while I did have to think a little conceptually it wasn’t the foundation of the project as much as the mark.

6 Me: 45%

This is comprised of what I have experienced creatively, my own aesthetic, and the creative skills I have garnered throughout my time on this planet.

Tuan: 25%

Feedback I am given about my design choices, answering my questions and offering help when I need it.

Jimmy: 25%

Feedback and lectures.

Classmates: 10%

Feedback and seeing their own work and how they interpret the same project.

Research: 15%

What I find while searching the web, the work I see when going to art museums and graphic design events.