The catalog project was about cataloging work from a designer. I decided to create 2 posters in one to show the work. The pice is able to fold down to a half letter sheet of paper and each fold out creates a new image. Until the whole thing is folded out to reveal 2 posters.


This is the invitation project. I was able to design an invitation down to the envelope to a classy restaurant grand opening. I decided to pull inspiration from Indian art and patterns to use in my invitation.

AR Experience

This project was to introduce AR technology. The goal of the project was to take a picture from the same angle as the old picture and upload it to the AURA app so it could appear when you point your phone camera at the building, all through the app.



This book was designed with the intention to share some history about East Austin and in the direction it is going in. The story is told through the eyes of restaurant owners and how they have seen the neighborhood change over the years and the different effects of gentrification. The information in this book is some of my own written content and articles I found that connect to my topic.



While designing the Fulbright theme I came up with a mosaic cover that would represent how the conference links people together from all across the world into once space for the same purpose. I wanted to keep the program sophisticated but not boring. So, I added in a color code system that works with the schedule of the conference. Giving each day its own color, making it easy for the user to read and understand when are things going on. The use of the color red is for headers and sub headers. I used red because it was distinctive to the main color pallet but it still complimented the whole pallet well.  For font, I went with Avenir because of how geometric the letters are and because of the many type of fonts it came with. It allowed me to use this font in many ways, from heavy, light, book, and italic letters. I also used Fairplex Wide for the locations on the schedule to have to locations stand out against all the other information.


fulbright -1z917kv

End Of Semester Wrap Up

When starting a project, it is important to not get yourself over whelmed with the information you are given. While I have worked on project through the year I followed most the steps on my mind map. The elements on my mind map are what I think are the most important thing I think pertain to design and the development of a final project.


I think you are wondering how I think about my design and why I make the decisions I do. When it comes to me looking at my work I try not to focus on “if im good enough” but I try to focus more on how can I solve this problem in front of me through design. Coming up with ways to make my work accessible to others. Since most of the time design involves making work for other people to use and interact with.

mind map – design decisions -1a3h889

Weather Report

This project was a big learning experience for me. Creating this project came down to a lot of pre-plaining before even stepping into after effects. I started off in illustrator creating the visual icons and map. This is where I had to start thinking about movement within my piece, because depending on what layer the different elements were in meant what I could and could not animate separately or together.  The LATCH concept is how I decided how I wanted my weather forecast to move along. Beginning with a location, then moving into time, while finishing off with category. Through this processed I began to think about how text moves across the screen into each LATCH category.