While designing the Fulbright theme I came up with a mosaic cover that would represent how the conference links people together from all across the world into once space for the same purpose. I wanted to keep the program sophisticated but not boring. So, I added in a color code system that works with the schedule of the conference. Giving each day its own color, making it easy for the user to read and understand when are things going on. The use of the color red is for headers and sub headers. I used red because it was distinctive to the main color pallet but it still complimented the whole pallet well.  For font, I went with Avenir because of how geometric the letters are and because of the many type of fonts it came with. It allowed me to use this font in many ways, from heavy, light, book, and italic letters. I also used Fairplex Wide for the locations on the schedule to have to locations stand out against all the other information.


fulbright -1z917kv

End Of Semester Wrap Up

When starting a project, it is important to not get yourself over whelmed with the information you are given. While I have worked on project through the year I followed most the steps on my mind map. The elements on my mind map are what I think are the most important thing I think pertain to design and the development of a final project.


I think you are wondering how I think about my design and why I make the decisions I do. When it comes to me looking at my work I try not to focus on “if im good enough” but I try to focus more on how can I solve this problem in front of me through design. Coming up with ways to make my work accessible to others. Since most of the time design involves making work for other people to use and interact with.

mind map – design decisions -1a3h889

Weather Report

This project was a big learning experience for me. Creating this project came down to a lot of pre-plaining before even stepping into after effects. I started off in illustrator creating the visual icons and map. This is where I had to start thinking about movement within my piece, because depending on what layer the different elements were in meant what I could and could not animate separately or together.  The LATCH concept is how I decided how I wanted my weather forecast to move along. Beginning with a location, then moving into time, while finishing off with category. Through this processed I began to think about how text moves across the screen into each LATCH category.

Visual Identity: Mark

For my mark, I am conveying the idea of serenity within the greenbelt. The greenbelt is a place to go and relax and find some peace of mind. The muted colors along with the wavy lines are meant to create the sense of tranquility. The mark can also be broken down and used in pieces instead of one solid object. The text can be used on its own to label specifically the greenbelt. While the circle and the wavy lines can be added as an ornament to products that are meant to be used at the greenbelt.


Process Work/Research

Here is my color swatch of the greenbelt. The goal was to create a color and materials swatch that showed off how I saw the greenbelt. I specifically arranged the circles this way to convey movement, because to me movement is very important when talking about the greenbelt. Nothing is static. The reason for the cool and warm tones in this color swatch are because at this time in the year it was a transition time between winter and spring. During the winter the greenbelt is full of grey, blue, and green tones. While in the spring the sun shines and creates a warm glow over the greenbelt. The materials in this picture are the 3 major components of the green belt water, foliage, and rocks. These materials are showed intertwined with the colors because they give off those tones based on where the material images are placed.

Interface Lesson

Through this project I created an app prototype that I would use as a portfolio app for my iPhone. This was my first time using after effects and the whole processes was a learning experience for me. This started off with setting up how I wanted my app to look using the ios interface. Then moved into after affects to stat the animation. The goal of this project was to create a new way to interact with the app and understand how things move inside the interface. I wanted my app to be simple and image based, because I wanted the app to show off my work more than anything.


Plotter Lesson

To create these plotter drawings, I created a set of rules and steps to follow that created different images using the same system. I began by drawing a line in illustrator, reflecting that line, and then blending the two lines. After that I duplicated the image that was created by the two lines to create another image. The final result of each image was to draw the viewers’ attention to the middle of the page. After using the same set of rules for each image every drawing came out unique and its own.

Zine Lesson

To start of the zine lesson, I wrote a short writing about a moment in my life that impacted me. Through this writing I was able to create a saying that I can really stand by. The writing started off very detailed and had every though and image that I was able to remember from that time in my life. Then the writings got more defined by cutting out unnecessary information and details that were not important to the saying. The final draft of this writing can be found on the back of the zine. We then made the type face and added in abstract images that pulled in everything together.

Style Lesson

Through the style lesson I saw how style is something that we take in even before we officially meet someone because it’s something that we perceive first, like a first impression. Even if style is not a direct pretrial of personality, style has specific elements to it that conveys certain looks like those of prep and skater. When thinking about how to dress prep there is a certain image that pops into my head. That image is conveyed in the first photo. For the skater look, a very recognizable skater look is 90’s skater with baggy clothes a layering. When it came to combining both these looks we took those specific elements of each look and combined them into one. In order to connect these three images red was used to relate these images back to each other in a series.

Object Lesson

This match book was based on the film The Grand Budapest Hotel. To get inspiration for this project I watched the film and looked out for images that stood out to me that really showed the style of the whole film. Through watching the film, I saw how objects make the image. The little details in a film or even a photograph can carry a lot of weight and meaning. Each object is strategically placed and made to fit the scene it’s in. Through this lesson I was able to make a matchbook that I saw as a product of the hotel, as something that could be at the front desk when you check in.