Mid-Term Assessment Essay

1 Where are you in your hours that you declared earlier in the semester? Looking at your work now, are your current accumulated hours enough?

My hours are at a good place right now. For this project I spent I good about of time on it, not too much and too little. I think having a schedule helped me keep on track with this project. Without it I think I would have waited till the last min to put everything together. Also getting feedback on each LATCH helped me move forward after each critique.


2 Has your definition of “sophisticated” work changed from last semester? If so, how so? What is sophisticated in your weather report?

I think my definition of sophistication has stayed the same since last semester, but working with motion has made my definition change a bit to fit the criteria. While working with motion I think what makes it sophisticated is if objects move clearly across the screen and not in one big jumble mess.


3 Describe how the new things you’ve learned so far connect to what you already had coming into the  semester.

Working with after effects I knew some of the basic features and haven’t had the time to explore more of the program. While working on this project I was able to learn new things like easing objects as then move on and off the screen.


4 What are somethings you are still unsure about in this project that you would like to know more about?

I think I understood this project pretty well.


5 Assign a level of value to this project. Identify two other projects in your creative life and place this weather report relative to them. How close or far are they from one another? What qualities did each project have that the other’s didn’t that would rate them higher/lower?

This project has value of 8 out of 10. It made me work with a new program that I haven’t really worked with before and I was able to learn something new, but at the same time I think some of the criteria could have been changed, like having everything on the screen at all times. This project relates to other projects I have done like the portfolio interface I made last semester because we worked with after effects. It’s also different because in the interface project the movement consisted more of slides and not too much variation.


6 Break down the percentages of what entities are responsible for creating growth within the creative you. Am I part of it? Part of it is on you, right? Do you consider your classmates/friends as influencers on the course of your trajectory for success? At the end of the semester you will be evaluating me, but right now within your own pie piece, how much have you brought to the game? How did it end up that you brought that much?

With this project I think about 70% is myself, 15% is you, and other 15% is classmates. Along with myself and the 70% it also includes things I do outside of the class that inspires me and things I can draw ideas from. You also play a role in the growth of our creative process because you can critique us and offer up a certain kind of feedback that classmates can’t offer up. I also think classmates play a role because we can draw different ideas from one another and relate to each other more because we are all working on the same project at the same time.

End Term Assessment Essay

I would consider working on the same project every day for more than 5 hours excessive. If you don’t give yourself a break you could find yourself getting stuck and not being able to come up with new ideas. Also working on a project once a week for an hour is not enough time to create something sophisticated. I find myself spreading out my work time throughout the week while still giving my self some time to step back and take a break from work and allowing some breathing room between projects.

“Sophisticated” work includes something that is cohesive and fulfills the purpose of the assignment or goal of the project. It also includes how the physical work looks. I think the parts of my maps that are sophisticated are that they are clearly laid out and organized. They connect back to the assignment. Also I feel like my maps look cohesive for what each map is about.

Some meaningful feedback I got back was that I should include images for the decision map. I didn’t want to make it only words cause I felt like that would have left the project too boring. So I added images in a way that didn’t clutter up the map but make it a little more visually interactive.

The hardest part for my was trying to figure out how I would map out the school but still have it look like a real map and not having it look too cartoony. I was also able to learn some illustrator through this project witch helped out. The easiest part off this project was coming up with ideas on what to map out, especially for my decision map. Creating that map took the longest, but it was fun getting up come up with different outcomes and seeing where each choice will take you.

When I went back home for thanksgiving break I was able to go check out some studios of local artist during their open studio times.

My life outside of school hasn’t really been an issue with my schoolwork. I do try to balance out schoolwork and my life outside of school.

The most ideal classroom environment to me is everyone getting to share their ideas and students helping each other out and giving useful feedback.




Mid Term Assessment Essay


Coming into this project I was a little hesitant because it was my first time working in illustrator. During this project I learned a lot about all the different components of illustrator through the time I spent in class and out of class. Whenever I wasn’t sure how to do something in illustrator I would Google it and or watch YouTube videos, they helped out a lot.



The process that you made us go through I felt like really helped me understand where we were going with this project and the steps we took in each iteration of symbols all came together in the end. Talking about what makes an icon an icon and what makes a symbol a symbol helped with knowing what we were shooting for in the end. When trying to decide what I wanted my symbols to be based around I automatically thought of plants and gardening, because there is so much little details that goes into taking care of a garden that I though it would be a good idea to crate symbols that represented each part.



During the critiques of our work I paid attention not only to what people had to say about my work, but what people had to say about others as well. I felt like critiques were really good to learn from others and my self. I also used that time to examine other people’s work and try to pull some ideas out of what I saw and incorporate it into my own work.



I really tried pushing myself to create symbols that where somewhat complex, especially for the last 3 that we made into stickers. I also worked on each symbol outside of class time and tried to perfect it as much as I could. When it came to combining the paths into one whole image, I think that was the hardest part of the processes illustrator wise.



Other expert expertise comes from going to art shows and creating some of my own artwork outside of class. I recently went to the Texas Contemporary Art Fair where I was able to draw a lot of inspiration. Going to art shows and museums helps whenever I feel stuck or uninspired. I recently have been slacking when it comes to creating my own artwork, but I plan on getting back into it and just messing around with whatever comes to mind.



I feel like I am pretty mature. I am able to get all my work done and turn it in on time. Over the years I have learned how to work in a stressful environment and how to balance out schoolwork and fun. I know how to balance out my time so I won’t overwhelm my self in the end.



The classroom climate consists of everyone participating in the different exercises. Everyone including my self pays attention in class and offers up insightful feedback when asked. I feel like it is a comfortable place to be in to grow as designers together and learn together. Since I haven’t had much experience in using illustrator, I felt liking other peoples work pushed me to work harder and see what I was capable of doing.



Personal Reflection

1. What is your personal view of the difference between the designer and the artist?

The designer communicates with many people. They can either be people they are working with or for. Designers communicate with people in order to create something that is worth using. The artist on the other hand communicated with him/her self. They do not prioritize other peoples thoughts when creating their work because they are creating art that represents them and who they are to the world.

2. Which are you, why?

I belive I can be both a designer and an artist. I see the value in both. I want to be able to create work that others can use to represent themselves or company. At the same time I can always create my own art that represents me and the person I am right now in this moment.

Blog Post #12

Part 1:

Kim Garza

She is a graphic designer and believes that the liberal arts is for life. She likes to learn new things all the time. She also helped in creating an app. She used different data to create the app. The video that was show during her presentation was very interesting.


Tammie Rubin

Tammie is and artist. She likes to describe her self as a ceramic sculptor. She moved to Seattle from Chicago. She describes the nature life in Chicago as being very basic; she described it as a “manufactured nature”. The when she moved to Seattle it was nothing but lush green plants. This big difference in setting really influenced her work.



James is a photographer. He described photography as an index. You capture a moment in time to convey impotence. His work in photography has developed over the years. As he was gone through school he has found his true passion in what her enjoys photographing. He now does what he enjoys instead of doing something for a good grade.

Part 2:  

This semester sure went by fast. I enjoyed this class because we got to see a lot of alumni work and peoples work that have made it successful. It’s nice to see what other people are doing with their degree and it showed me what I might be doing in the future. It was also interesting to see how people have gotten to where they are now and where they see themselves in the future. This is a grate first year class to really show students if they want to continue in design, art, or photo major.

Blog Post #11

Part 1: I was not present in class so I was unable to see the faculty presentations.

Part 2: My long term goals after college is to move to NY and get a job as a place like VICE Mag. or COMPLEX Mag. somewhere where I can be creative through pop culture, design, and music. I know that at this moment these goals may seem a little far out their, but if I start working towards my goals now I can gain the experience I need to take me where I want to be. A part of my 5 year plan includes getting all A’s in all my degree classes, making connections with people that can benefit me and my career, and always keeping an open mind to where my life is headed. Along with my 5 year plan I plan on getting internships with people who can push me creatively and provide me with the experience I need to succeed.

Blog Post #10,11,12

Beyond Time:

In this radio show they discussed the topic of time. For some people time dose not exist because they simply don’t believe in the concept of time. And for others time is something they depend on. One of the people they talked to discussed how he can make time happen they way he wants it to. He is in love with the past. He purposely stays away from modern society because he says its something that is destroying him. He also felt as if old people knew something he should know and that was one of the reasons why he felt some connection to old people. Time is something we make an idea of. We make time how we want it. We either decide to live in the past, present, or future. As we live our lives each moment we have is permanent and will live on forever.

Dvid Blane Ted Talk:

David Blane held his breath under water and broke the world record. He began talking about different ways he can create the illusion of breathing under water. But as he soon found out nothing would work as well as actually attempting to hold hid breath. He went though intense training to finally reach his goal. As a magician David Blane tries to show things to people that seem impossible. He describes magic as being “pretty simple” all it takes is practice, training, and experimenting while pushing through the pain to be the best he can be.

Way Things Go:

In this video its all about how our lives effect everything else around us. Little things that we experience everyday have a ripple effect on everything else and how we live the rest of our lives. With every choice we make or don’t make it changes the path our lives where heading. Its also about how different events in our lives push us in different directions. Everything effects something else and that’s the whole idea of life.

Blog Post #10

This first one is a drawing I did in drawing 1 class. We first started off the semester drawing squares and cubes. Then we moved into 3 dimensional cubes that have cut outs in them. At first it seemed like it would be difficult to draw but it was a simple step my step processes.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This second drawing is one we are doing in class right now. It incorporates cylinder drawings to create the shapes on the glass bottles. It becomes difficult when shedding because they are glass bottles that bend light.