While designing the Fulbright theme I came up with a mosaic cover that would represent how the conference links people together from all across the world into once space for the same purpose. I wanted to keep the program sophisticated but not boring. So, I added in a color code system that works with the schedule of the conference. Giving each day its own color, making it easy for the user to read and understand when are things going on. The use of the color red is for headers and sub headers. I used red because it was distinctive to the main color pallet but it still complimented the whole pallet well.  For font, I went with Avenir because of how geometric the letters are and because of the many type of fonts it came with. It allowed me to use this font in many ways, from heavy, light, book, and italic letters. I also used Fairplex Wide for the locations on the schedule to have to locations stand out against all the other information.


fulbright -1z917kv

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