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BLOG #4 Part 1 The question posed by this assignment is how do you make an image. The goal was to head out to South Congress, take some pictures and apply the gestalt principles. In order to do this, I… Continue Reading →


BLOG #2 Part 1 With the time tracker, I found out I spend most of my time watching Netflix. However, homework and school work in general is my priority. Since time management was something I had in mind before starting… Continue Reading →

Seminar VISU: Blog #1

BLOG #1 Part 1 The main point of article #1 is to express how artists are starting to have a bigger role in entrepreneurship. Artists have qualities that every entrepreneur should also have. The main point of article #2 is… Continue Reading →

Creativity and Making: Tan

The purpose of this Ted Talk was to explore how we create things. Tan mentions how the answer to this are questions. By questioning everything and using our imagination, we are able to create things. Personally, I had a teacher… Continue Reading →

Creativity and Making: Kiwanuka

This song has more meaning in it than the songs we’re used to hearing on an everyday basis. Growing up in Honduras, racial segregation was never an issue. I first became aware of it in history class. Some people believe… Continue Reading →

Creativity and Making: Brakhage

This is one of the most interesting pieces I’ve ever seen. To begin with, this piece doesn’t express itself. Thus, it is up to the audience to capture what they see. Personally, this reminds me of various things such as… Continue Reading →

Creativity and Making: Hara

Kenya Hara talks about design and its origins on this article. I found interesting how design was defined as “an acknowledgement of our own living world through the making of things and through communication” (411). If you take this definition… Continue Reading →

Creativity and Making: Pink

First of all, I agree with the entire excerpt which is a first. Coming from Honduras, studying graphic design sounded bizarre for many people. I would be submerged by questions like “You won’t be able to get a job”, “Do… Continue Reading →

Creativity and Making: Flusser

According to Vilém Flusser, there is a big discrepancy between those who believe pictures show the world exactly how it is and those who don’t. Although I do consider my eyes naïve to the art of photography, I personally believe… Continue Reading →

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