Part 1

Photography Major: After seeing her work, I learned something important. Since I’m not a photographer but I’m taking the visual studies class, I’m in the lookout for advice. Something that stood out to me is how she chose certain themes when heading out to take pictures, such as the gardens or landscapes.

Visual Arts Major: I found interesting how she has a job and steps out of her comfort zone. Even if she isn’t a graphic design major, she made several flyers which look amazing.

Graphic Design: I loved seeing her school projects, however I wished we could’ve seen other personal work. Since this is my major, I expected to see more advertising work, however that’s just what I’m interested in. I’m excited for the typography class and creating my own typeface.

Interactive Game Design: I liked her speech, since she mentioned the importance of connections in this industry. You have you get your work out there and meet new people in order to succeed. She also mentioned how she taught herself how to use several softwares, including photoshop, which is something we should also do.

Part 2

    • I chose this website because of the simplicity of it. I like the logo and the fonts used in her page. Overall, I believe the simpler the better, since what you’re trying to portray is your work. This means you don’t necessarily need a fully decorated web page.
    • I also like this one because of the simplicity. However, I like the black background and how the work is divided into subsections, such as branding work or visuals.
    • This one is a little bit different, but you get to admire each piece of work individually in a full screen. However, I wouldn’t make mine like this. I don’t find it practical, but I do find it pleasant to look at.

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