Spring 2018

Foundation of Art and Design, Typography, College Algebra, Rhetoric and Composition II, Presentational Speaking

Fall 2018

Graphic Design I, Image Methodology, Business Statistics, Literature and Human Experience, Science in Perspective

Spring 2019

Graphic Design II, Advanced Typography, Sophomore Portfolio Review, American Dilemmas, Elective

Fall 2019

History of Graphic Design, Graphic Design III, History & Evolution of Global Processes, Ethics, Elective

Spring 2020

Junior Studio, Interaction Design, Junior Portfolio Review, Contemporary World Issues, Religious Studies

Fall 2020

Senior studio, Internship, Capstone, Science in Depth, Elective

Spring 2021

Topics in Graphic Design, Social Design, Senior Exhibition and Portfolio Review, Elective


  1. This major will help me because I can work as several things with it, such as advertising, web design or even product design. A back up plan would be my knowledge of German and French. I could definitely get a job as a translator.
  2. I don’t have a minor or have considered a second major. I would be interested in advertising because that’s something I want to work as. Also, I love cooking and I believe I could also have a job in the area of culinary arts.

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