Creativity and Making: Tan

The purpose of this Ted Talk was to explore how we create things. Tan mentions how the answer to this are questions. By questioning everything and using our imagination, we are able to create things.

Personally, I had a teacher who taught us that we should question everything including our beliefs. This made me think about everything I believe in. Could it all be true? Is there a way to prove it? Sadly, most of the times we can’t prove it. That’s why we believe things, because we don’t have a way to prove them. If we could, then they would become facts rather than beliefs. We are faced with uncertainty throughout our whole lives. I’m Christian, yet I often find myself wondering why do I believe in the things I do.

On the other hand, I do agree that by posing questions and starting to imagine things the product will be the creation of something. However, if I think about art work, I believe that feelings can also have a role on our process of creating things. For example, Yayoi Kusama portrayed her feelings of her mental disease through her paintings. Or Edvard Munch’s painting of The Scream, which portray his feelings of madness.

Thus, I believe that posing questions do take a big toll on the process of creating things, however that isn’t the only thing. Our emotions, imagination, and posing questions are all necessary to create new things.

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