Creativity and Making: Pink

First of all, I agree with the entire excerpt which is a first. Coming from Honduras, studying graphic design sounded bizarre for many people. I would be submerged by questions like “You won’t be able to get a job”, “Do you believe you will succeed in life as a graphic designer?” and the worst of all was “Why don’t you study business administration?” I deeply desire having all of those people read this excerpt.

Furthermore, I certainly do agree that MFA is the new MBA. The number of student pursuing a degree in the area of fine arts has increased dramatically. I believe that having a career in this area is helpful. For example, graphic designers will always be needed in a company. Companies do realize that since there are many markets selling their same product they need to devise a new plan. This plan will be to manage their marketing in a visually and physically beautiful manner. This way they will be able to attract new customers. This is also why, as mentioned in the excerpt, companies prefer to hire those who have high concept and high touch abilities.

Additionally, as this growth continues, there are many changes in this new era. I remember taking the SAT, which wasn’t worth all of those late-night study sessions. For a creative person like me, the SAT doesn’t fully capture my abilities. Personally, I had never heard of the Rainbow Project. If the situation were reversed and I would’ve taken that project, my qualities and fortes would’ve been portrayed in a better manner.

In conclusion, this has been my favorite article to read mostly because I relate to it the most. I do believe that the art industry has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Because of this, the numbers have changed and there are more students pursuing a degree related to art. Having a creative mind nowadays has more value than having mathematic skills. We evolved from farmers, to workers using knowledge, to creators and now to meaning makers. There is only one doubt on my mind: what will be the next evolution?

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