Creativity and Making: Hara

Kenya Hara talks about design and its origins on this article. I found interesting how design was defined as “an acknowledgement of our own living world through the making of things and through communication” (411). If you take this definition into consideration, then why was design according to history created only 150 years ago? I personally don’t agree with this, despite it being part of history. If you take that definition into consideration, design was created ever since mankind could walk. When they started making wheels, they were designing an object that would facilitate their hard work and would eventually serve as a transportation method. Additionally, every tool created by mankind is a design because they are basically creating new things.

Furthermore, I do agree that us humans find more value in those designs which are intricately made rather than minimalistic ones. Even though I do agree with that, it doesn’t mean that I support it. Minimalist art can sometimes have more value than complex ones because they make use of little patterns or elements but can somehow manage to capture your attention and at the same time to express an idea or a deeper meaning.

On the other hand, technology has taken a huge part on our society. We function and go through our daily lives surrounded by it. I believe that it may be evolving a little too fast, which can not only cause unreliability but also confusion. We discussed in class how a photographer can have his or her own intentions when taking a photograph, but the camera may have other intentions. I believe this also applies with the usage of computers and their software, like stated in the article, we should use the computer as a material not as a tool. For example, one may have taken an amazing photography, yet that person feels compelled to edit it. Sometimes it’s best to leave photographs as they are.

To conclude, the article mentioned how the purpose of design shouldn’t be to awe an audience, but instead it should involve original ideas that grow out of our everyday lives. It’s the simplest of things that can be transformed into masterpieces. I consider that design was created even before than what history tells us.

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