SEMINAR VISU #11 (last one yay!)

Part 1 FACULTY PRESENTATIONS Bob bryan? (He never said his name.. ūüôĀ sorry) Love for the Pinball machine Space invaders (this was actually my favorite videogame with Moto Racer and Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver) Atari VCS Went to graduate… Continue Reading →


Part 1 Sadly, I missed the visiting speakers. So, I’m doing the extra blog post. Last friday I got to attend the workshop of Kelcey Towell. I’ve never been to a workshop like this before, but it immediately captured mi… Continue Reading →


Part 1 ALEJANDRO URA – GAMING He explained how this is a big field, and therefore you can make several things out of it. He explained some big events they’ve had at SXSW, since he is working there. There were… Continue Reading →


Part 1 Jimmy Lu – Graphic Design I liked his idea of the¬†public¬†as being something available to everyone and that it is related to publications. I believe that as an artist, publications is a way to get our work “out… Continue Reading →

Creativity and Making: Tarantino

Pulp Fiction is the epitome of excellent cinematography. Quentin Tarantino makes use of various camera shots. For example, there‚Äôs the use of low angles where the camera is placed inside the trunk of a car. Another one seen throughout the… Continue Reading →

Creativity and Making: Ritcher

To begin with, the whole film followed a sort of rhythm and focused on the transitions. It varied from slower to faster in some parts. The first ones just reminded me of the simple transitions used when creating a PowerPoint… Continue Reading →

Creativity and Making: Richards

Artist and creators have more in common than we realize. Whether it‚Äôs a musician, painter, photographer, or designer, their mindset and train of thought go through the same process. After all, they‚Äôre all considered under the creative category. This was… Continue Reading →


FOUR DEGREE PLAN Spring 2018 Foundation of Art and Design, Typography, College Algebra, Rhetoric and Composition II, Presentational Speaking Fall 2018 Graphic Design I, Image Methodology, Business Statistics,¬†Literature and Human Experience, Science in Perspective Spring 2019 Graphic Design II, Advanced… Continue Reading →


SKILLS INVENTORY RHETORIC AND COMPOSITION My greatest strengths in this course¬†include: I enjoy the process of writing and revising essays. For greater success in this course, I need to: go to the writing center more often. VISUAL STUDIES My greatest… Continue Reading →


BLOG #5 Part 1 Photography Major: After seeing her work, I learned something important. Since I’m not a photographer but I’m taking the visual studies class, I’m in the lookout for advice. Something that stood out to me is how… Continue Reading →

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