Creativity and Making: Kiwanuka

Kiwanuka’s break down of his experience writing his music is very interesting. He talks about how he didn’t think people would like the content and how he didn’t think he had it in him to create more after his first album. I found his lack of full confidence in himself to be probably quite normal.

I think for Kiwanuka, the possibilities were endless. He was motivated and patient by letting things sit on the backburner until he was ready to come back to them. By putting himself on the line and pushing the boundaries of what he believed was going to be accepted, he ended up extremely successful. With his song Black Man in a White World, he felt creatively stumped for about a year. He kept bringing in people to give ideas and one professional lady gave him a chance. This possibility to grow his song and finish it gave him much attention. For him, these possibilities that he took hold of were a chance for him to grow and become successful.

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