Seminar Blog Post 10

Wildermyth Creators

Nate and Anne. Nate is a programmer and Anne is an artist. They have writers and sound effects people and more. They were playing lots of games and were interested in making a game that filled in the gaps. So, they went with a tactical combat game that was a fantasy game. They wanted it to be serious but fun. I learned that there are so many things that have to be in alignment between each and every person on the team. Giving control to each person is a good way of going about that, said Nate. I think they touched on having goals that the team can actually accomplish while making a game and not trying to shoot for something that isn’t able to be accomplished. Also, they talked about playing to your strengths. Doing this and setting people up to success is very important. This helps people grow and for the game to be the best game it can be.

I honestly was very uninterested in the specific content but there are lessons to be learned from what they talked about. At the end of the day, I learned that there are complications in both areas of work and that them and I have. It’s all about struggling and finding ways to work with problems that come up in your area of work.



QUESTION for next class: What is the hardest thing you run into with money?


Being inspired. What an interesting topic to go with the video we watched. While thinking about this I couldn’t help but think about how the continuous motion of things without a single point of stand still was like inspiration. It is constantly moving and one thing puts another one in motion. One spurt of inspiration is making one thing happen and that causes another thing to happen or more inspiration in the cycle. I wonder what the inspiration was behind this video and why the creators decided to make it.



Being inspired. David Blane is inspired by Houdini and was always trying to push himself to do things that his body was seemingly unable to do. He thinks everything is possible and has always strived to push the boundaries of what people have said you could do.

He seems to also be inspired also by trying to prove people wrong. He was constantly doing things that people said he couldn’t do and they never thought his body could do. But he kept pushing himself and proving people wrong. His tactics are so interesting as well. I find him to be so interesting because he never gives up. He has failings and successes but he keeps going. It’s so interesting to see him talk about doing all of these extreme things that could kill him but he seems to have a passion for this.

He said last that its pushing through the pain to be the best you can be and I think that’s what it comes down to.


Time. I think time is presented and talked about so interestingly here with all of the different people interviewed.

With the physicists, I thought how it was interesting that they were chasing a point back in time that was so far ago. The fact that they could only go so far to the moment before our planet came to existence. They got to see time in a while new way that was put into a whole new perspective.

With the artist/fashion man David found him to be quite interesting. The ways that he chooses to chase time and try to go back is so odd. Like when he talked about trying to live like the 20s with the horses and knowing Andy Warhol.  Or that he bikes and doesn’t use the internet. He refuses to use modern technologies and lives in the past as much as he can. I love how he sees this modern day as a “nightmare.” Time, he says, is something that people can travel through. That’s interesting because I would have never thought about being able to travel that way in this day in age.

When talking about Einstein, they talked greatly on time again. How everybody is on different clocks and moves at different rates. That time moves at the time that you make it move at. There is no time as they put it. Every moment is already determined and we are just living in a bunch of “nows.” We don’t have free will because all of these moments are predetermined. What a thought. I find this to be so interesting. I feel as if I am being pulled in two directions here with these thoughts of free will and predetermined time. Also, the concept of parallel universes was interesting too like when they talked about the ice cream. That is a frightening thought to think about how every choice is sending us on a new path.

The think about the free will and the wiggling of the finger was just weird. How do you know what sparks the bleep?

The desert camp was and interesting thing about time. They talked about how the BLN was trying to tear it down and that it’s a time in history. They don’t worry about technology or things like that in the Mohave desert and people are not concerned with the outside world. I think this is so interesting, like these people are stuck in time. Not moving forward but somehow moving backwards because the world is moving on.

Time is incredible weird. There are so many perspectives.


You need to connect both sides of the story. Finding a way to bring together the different aspects are very important.

While Keith Richard’s was talking about his first encounter with the acoustic guitar, he talked about his first time seeing someone playa certain set of notes. He was drawn to it and wanted to get his own guitar. His experience pulled him in and made him fall in love. He would spend all day trying to learn the cords from records and things like that. These experiences really shaped who he is and his love for guitar.

He also talked about how he views the art and how sometimes minimalist ideas and not completely filling the musical space is significant. He brings all of his past experiences with other artists into his daily life as well and shares those experiences.

I think how one views ideas and experiences are all based in events of the past. Throughout the interview, it was constantly being brought back to the past and his experiences. His ideas also seemed to be shaped by those experiences.


Seminar Blog Post 9

Alex: Works for SXSW. Works in games industry. He talked about speaking the language of the gamers and being able to be I tune with the audience for marketing purposes. He worked on targeting the noobes for one of his campaigns which I thought was super interesting. I hadn’t see that type of marketing campaign before and I didn’t know that they target people like that. I don’t play many games or videogames but it was an interesting talk on marking, branding, and how to engage with the audience you are trying to connect with. Also, follow your passion and go with that. Understand the thing you are trying to get a job in and have experience before you go for it. In his words, know your craft.


Anthony: Art Director and Freelance Designer. He graduated with a design degree. Internship at the Mexic-Arte Museum. He worked on the campaign for the Testicular Cancer Foundation. He talked about how he changed his design and how there isn’t a set way to go about creativity. He went from intern to part-time designer. He ended up working full time as a creative director for the foundation. I thought it was interesting because he took his work with testicular cancer and he worked with many different organizations that work with this problem. I love how he took a common issue and ran with it. I really admire his passion and drive to keep going with one thing. He thing got involved with a startup called Lantinx Spaces and has been involved with many different companies like Skillshare, Amazon, Etsy, and more. I’m surprised at how much he got done in just the three years since he has graduated.


Edith: Graduated about a year ago. Her parents were from Mexico and this influenced a lot of her identity. She was caught between two cultures. She learned a lot about her art and culture through her design projects. She liked drawing and went from that to a digital space which she really enjoyed. She found an internship where she made posters and stuff for bands and she was really pushed to learn. She got to go to Mexico and work there. I really loved all the culture and how she represented it with the rich colors. She also spends a lot of time in the Riso lab exploring color. Since graduating she comes back to work for St. Ed’s and does design stuff. She doesn’t have a full-time job yet but seems like she is following her dream and is happy. I find that to be super interesting because it goes against most of the norms and even my own ideas of jobs and what I feel like I should be doing right after college.



Internships: (They don’t have theirs posted yet until January),39_KE40,61.htm?jl=2564228707


Seminar Blog Post 8

Tuan: Very interesting man. Talked about and showed some of his earlier work and work designing posters/fliers for organizations around campus. Very cool to see his work and to realize that it was out and about everywhere I went.

Jimmy: Dont remember much besides the self portrait up on the screen.

Bill: Showed some very interesting photos of things he found just out and about. Thats all he said about his work. It was such an abstraction that it was impossible to figure out exactly what he was really taking a photo of. Very cool images but not how I would go about things for my career as a photo major. I liked seeing a different version of things though.

Lady Whose Name I Can’t Remember: Interesting woman who talked about her work and her creative process. She talked a lot about her process and following it to achieve things like her movie her and her husband have been working on for years.

5 Year Plan: To be a freelance photographer and be able to travel and shoot. I would have to finish my degree and get some sort of internship and have also been building my clientele and portfolio up to that moment.

CREATIVITY and Making_Tarantino

Pulp Fiction- The Use of Time

First off, Pulp Fiction is a very long movie. There was the first example of how they used time. It fit in completely with the vibe of the movie. Every scene was long and drawn out. Scenes just seem to keep going on or time stands still while the characters go on a rant or tangent. The opening diner scene is another example of this. They used conversation to pass time and go from scene to scene like when the two main characters were talking about an actress and a foot massage gone wrong when they were on their way up to the apartment to kill the men. Also, when they go to the apartment to kill they guys and they go on for minutes talking about just burgers building suspense (about 9 minutes in full at the apartment). There is a lot of build up to certain moment that we know are going to happen. When Mr. Wallace’s wife almost died there was a lot of suspense and build up and fighting before they saved her life. It took minutes of build up and bantering before they helped her. Another example of how they use time to create effect was the scene where the man was talking about the gold watch and went on his own little rant.

The director also uses time to create emphasis or some sort of way to entice and seduce the person watching the movie. The time it took to introduce Mr. Wallace and finally see his face was intentional and meaningful instead of giving him away at the beginning. The time at which the director spends on him shooting up the coke and every piece of time spent with that created a more intimate place with the scene.

Another time with the use of time is that during most parts there is no understanding of exact time. We have a guess but there aren’t any significant identifiers of what specific time it is.



What an interesting piece. I found the transitions to be quite smooth. It’s interesting because the content moves so fast and is to smooth but the actual shapes are all so ridged and square-like. When one shape moves out of the frame, one that is a similar shape or size takes its place. This creates the effect of seeing negative space and finding the significance in the shape that is already gone. It also creates almost an illusion like when there was a black square with while in the background and when it changed to a big white square much bigger than the first one, I could still see a faint black square on top of the new white one. The rapid transitions were smoothed over by the continuous shapes that followed one another and took the place of the last. While watching it I almost had a sense that they were controlled by a puppeteer because of the fluidity and relationship between the different shaped.

Seminar Blog Post 7

  1. Create a four-year degree plan. How will this major help you prepare a career in the future? Do you have a back up plan if this major doesn’t work out?
    1. I believe my major in Photocommunications will help me get a job in photography and help me get the experience I need to succeed in what I want to do. I don’t exactly have a back up plan but my dad wants at least one of his kids to learn how to do real-estate to take over what he does when he dies.
  2. Do you have a minor or have you considered a second major?
    1. I have not considered one yet but I think it would be smart to partner it with something related to writing or business so I know how to progress in those areas which would help me with my photography. It could work hand in hand to help me.