Juried Student Exhibition 2021

Welcome to the annual Juried Student Exhibition. During these pandemic times we have transitioned much of the gallery to an online format using this website and the Visual Studies Department Instagram.

We are so excited to have artist and curator E. M. Laursen to serve as our juror this year. Laursen, a born and raised Texan, is an artist, independent curator, + consultant, and community organizer living in Austin, TX. Previously the Associate Director & Curator at Pump Project, she now contributes to several arts organizations in areas of communications, marketing, and community engagement. Since receiving her BFA in Studio Art at The University of Texas at Austin in 2015, she has focused on leadership development, team communication, and development in various fields. Her experience has reinforced her commitment to advocating for programs and space at the intersection of artists and the community. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling. During her free time, she volunteers and work-trades for organizations she aligns with.

We have a wonderful selection of works chosen by our juror who had over sixty entries to select from. Laursen states “The selected works symbolize the range of soft and chaotic, personal and natural, idiosyncratic and mundane parts that made up the days of 2020.”

Join us Tuesday March 9, 2021 from 6pm-8pm to hail this years participants.  We will announce the winners for the following awards.

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Honorable Mentions 

Klaus Ruckgaber, Fr., Photography and Media Arts

Permanent Ink
digital photo

William Patier, So., Psychology

digital photo

Vy Nguyen, Sr., Art/Art Education

Mountain & Cloud #3
monotype A.P.

Tori Stell, Sr., Art/ Art History Minor

A Lethargic Morning
oil on canvas

Grace Guerra, Fr., Graphic Design

Perks of Being Blue
oil on canvas

Emily Lawson, Jr., Art/Women’s Studies Minor

It’s Always Me
ink and acrylic on paper

Georgia Fogarty, Sr., Art

graphite, colored pencil, oil paint

Murphy Chen, Sr., Art, Art History minor, Business Administration minor

Peacock Dancer
print monotype (with oil pigment)

Maya Diaz, Jr., Art

Empty Fridge
oil on canvas

Cyria Anderson, Sr., Art/Animation

Aqua Ocean my Ass
watercolor on paper

Good Sandwich
pastel on paper

pastel on paper

Anastasiia Shkolna, Sr., Graphic Design/Art minor

graphite on paper

Maia Castillo, Jr., Photography and Media Arts/Graphic Design minor

Land of the Free
digital video

Empty Process
digital photo

Andrew Silvas, So., Graphic Design


Perry Protzmann, Sr., Graphic Design

digital photo

Allison Moore, Sr., Art

graphite on paper

Allyson Augustine, Jr., Art

Nude Who Just Voted
oil on canvas

The Long Road
oil on canvas

One Nightstand
oil on canvas

Maia Suez, Jr., Art

Hummus Trip, May 2018
collage drawing with oil pastel and marker

Unprecedented Times (Go With The Flow)
digital photo

Pedro Aizza, Jr., Graphic Design, Animation minor

Inside The Box
digital video

Sophia DesJardins, Jr., Art

Dear Moon
oil pastel on canvas

digital photo

Sofie Canestaro, Jr., Graphic Design/Animation minor /Art minor

To the Sea
stop motion animation with clay

Viviana Estrada, Sr. Digital Media Management (BDMM)

Dawning Crawlers
digital collage

Stefani Maltos, Jr., Graphic Design/Digital Marketing minor

Stubborn Growth
digital photo

See You Next Life
digital photo

Taylor Gonzalez, Sr., Photography and Media Arts

Carlos’ Backyard
120 color film, 8×10 archival inkjet print

Allie Andrews, Sr., Art/ Art Education minor

Paris Spleen
digital photo

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