I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off so far this semester. I did not spend the time I should have on this process, so I took these the day of the critique during my lunch break. Ironically I also needed to capture a couple of rolls of film for Photo One as well – so it worked out perfectly. One thing I have noticed though, during my business and travels is that Austin is filled, one might argue even filled, with signs and posters. Essentially everyone here has the full range of opinions and idea and they love sharing it with everyone else – What a city!! I thought it would be a fun project to capture a few of these signs on one of Austin’s most iconic roads. It was quite an interesting little trip, but by the end of it I felt incomplete – good thing I can always go back for more! However, the things I saw, from the people to the shops, the signs and the food were all seemingly glowing with light. The sun was not at its highest point in the day, yet everything glowed with a radiance worthy of Apollo! I am looking forward to hopping around Austin getting to see new places and looking at familiar ones with a new perspective!

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