Mystery Project

All the information that was given to me is about the Fulbright Associations 39th annual conference that took place at George Washington University and it happened in 2016. I think we were given all this information because we are going to help give it a brand. I noticed that the schedule that was given to people at this time was confusing and hard to follow. My ideas are that we are going to make programs, schedules of events and a logo or icon for the conference.

Advanced Type Midterm Essay

I am on track with my hours that I declared earlier in the semester. I think that I have enough hours because of all my extracurricular activities outside of class. I am on the cross country and track team at school which requires hours of practice and dedication. I am on scholarship and have to do what is required of me to maintain that. I also do a lot of volunteer work. It has been difficult to keep up with my expert hours and balance everything but I am doing my best.

Sophisticated is work that one can be proud of and feel like they have completed what they aimed to do. In my weather project, I communicated the same pieces of information in different formations which I believes I achieved in a sophisticated fashion. My weather report was simple but I really wanted to work and focus on trying to capture the choreography and movement. I thought my weather design was good but it could have been made more sophisticated. I feel like I achieved my goal and created a sophisticated piece of art.

Learning more about after effects has been so helpful and I really like the program. It definitely connects to the portfolio app we made last semester in image methodology. The weather project has made me pay more attention to space, time, colors, and especially movement which I think are all important principles of design. Freshman year we did the circle book with helped with movement but it was interesting to use movement more like choreography to a dance. I still have a lot to learn with the program but it has made me very interested in the animation field.

I think overall I would want to know more about after effects so I can make more things and and expand my skills on animation. The part that I was most unsure about in this project was what typeface to use. I have a hard time picking one that goes well with the rest of the project. I feel like I need a better strategy and purpose for picking a typeface. This project definitely challenged me and made me focus on the relationship of motion to meaning. I think understanding this relationship better helps one communicate what needs to be communicated.

I think the value of the project is very high and important. It allowed me to discover more about after effects and the relationship between motion and meaning. The idea of choreography is challenging but so important to know as a designer. A project that I think relates to this is the portfolio app that we made in image methodology. It was my first time using after effects so it was very challenging but I was glad I was familiar with it before starting the weather report. I would say it is important that I did the portfolio app first and then did the weather app. The two are close but my skill level between the two is far. Another project that I find important was the plotter project from image methodology because it was about creating a strategy and was about making our own process which I think was also involved in the weather report. I think all three of these projects have many aspects that make them close together. What sets them apart is my skill level but have these two projects before the weather report better prepared me.

I feel part of this class and I have gotten closer to my classmates that I would definitely consider them my friends. We have bonded over projects and I love that we all go through it together. As a designer, critiques and feedback are so helpful. I think our peers help us grow the creativity within us. Actually anything that I experience has had an impact on my creativity. I feel like I have brought a lot to the game because I participate in crits and when we have work days, whoever I sit by, I always ask them for feedback or what they think about my work and I do the same for anyone who wants my opinion. I think the key to bringing something to the table is listening to what my peers are asking and to give them the best advice/feedback I can. All this stems from my creative growth entities.

Expert Hour Goals-Advanced Type

For this class, my goal is to dedicate at least 5-6 extra hours a week out of class but in addition to our assigned class work. I want to understand type faces more and explore all there is to know about type.  My goal is to learn all I can in class and spending time learning and practicing outside of class. I hope that by doing this that by mid semester, I will be able to increase my extra hours and balance everything together. My goal specifically for this class is to increase my knowledge on typography and reach up to an average of 10 hours a week. By the end of the semester, I hope to reach over 100 expert hours so that during the summer I can achieve even more expert hours.


Graphic Design End Term Essay

I think it is important to practice a lot per week. As an athlete, I have always believed that practice does make perfect. It allows me to work on where I am weak. Personally, I think that as long as you can handle a lot of practice and still have time to complete other obligations that you are doing the right amount but if you cannot get other things done then I would consider that excessive. If you barely do anything and you have a lot of free time, then I would consider that to be weak and not enough to create sophisticated work. I would situate myself in the perfect balance of doing a lot of practice but also handling all my other obligations.

Sophisticated is work that one can be proud of and feel like they have completed what they aimed to do. I think my icons on my last map are sophisticated. I worked hard on them because I really wanted to test my ability to create icons and show that there are more ways to communicate things compared to just writing. I feel like I achieved my goal and created a sophisticated piece of art.

I think I am very good at dealing with feedback. I take everything that is said about my work into consideration because I believe that is how you grow as a designer. Some of the most meaningful feedback that I got was how to make my tony pierce map have texture and for my decisions map, I loved talking in a group and getting feedback on how to make it easier to read and the hierarchy of it. I tried to incorporate all the feedback I got and I also wanted to use the feedback that others got as well. I wanted to fix and grow from the choices I made in my process of creating my maps.

I definitely think that the maps challenged me. Every map was unique and required different attention. The challenges I encountered on the first map was coming up with a topic. I had a hard time getting started but then I realized that I wanted to try more food trucks and that sparked the idea of taco food trucks along south first street. The ones I chose are the ones I want to try and see how good their tacos are. I think making it personal helped me get passed the obstacles. The easiest part was putting it all together once I had a plan for what I wanted. For the second map, the hardest part of organizing the information and trying to understand excel.  I wanted to find a connection between the information I graphed so I gathered everything about entertainment. The easiest part of this map was the colors and the text. For the third map, the hardest part was deciding where to place my icons and how to set up the map. The easiest was making the icons and it definitely was the most enjoyable. I loved being able to create what I wanted to see and I am really happy with how it came out.

Outside of class, I am on the cross country and track team at school which requires hours of practice and dedication. I am on scholarship and have to do what is required of me to maintain that. I also do a lot of volunteer work and I am trying to start up my own organization to raise awareness for an illness I suffer with and so many other women do as well. Creatively, I have entered into a design contest and I submitted some of my work to an on campus magazine. I also help my mom, who is an interior designer, with her projects. I am looking for an internship so that I can learn hands on skills in the job environment.

My life outside of school definitely has an impact on my school life. I am taking 18 hours and its stressful and requires a lot of me. I also suffer from 4 stomach diseases which puts me in the hospital often and requires me to cram my work in sometimes. I have to go to physical therapy twice a week for one of my illnesses and I drive an hour there and back to do that. I have some personal issues at home that are affecting my family as a whole and I just always have a lot on my mind but I do the best I can to juggle athletics, academics, outside of class practice, sickness, and my social/family life. I think I have excellent time management skills because I always make sure to complete my work but I put in a lot of effort to make sure I do the best that I can. I am a perfectionist and I love to do well and I think I have an excellent work ethic though I have many things on my mind that I have to deal with every day.

The most ideal classroom environment to me is one in which everyone is excited and willing to work. I feel like the classroom environment this semester has been exactly what I like. I feel part of this class and I have gotten closer to my classmates that I would definitely consider them my friends. We have bonded over projects and I love that we all go through it together. As a designer, critiques and feedback are so helpful. I have anxiety talking in front of groups of people but I feel like I have gotten better because I am more comfortable giving feedback and talking about my work. I truly believe there is always room to improve and be better but I definitely think I am on the right path to meet my full potential. I know I still have a lot to learn but I am excited and ready to continue this journey.

These are the maps I designed:

fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender

This is one of the plotters I submitted to an on campus magazine:


GDES 2313: Midterm Assessment Essay

Midterm Assessment Essay

 For my expert hours in relationship to my use of practice time, I would say I am consistent. I am creating my own line of elegant dresses and I always set aside a few hours to work on it. I do all my work on time and I give my best effort every time. I feel like throughout the projects we have done in class, I have been consistent within each step of the process.

I think the sophistication of my work is at the medium level. I don’t have much experience with illustrator but I have been practicing and doing my best to learn how it works. Because my experience level isn’t too high, I feel like it shows in the sophistication of my work, rating me at medium level.

I think I am very good at dealing with feedback. I take everything that is said about my work into consideration because I believe that is how you grow as a designer. I would rate myself at meaningful because I care and want feedback on my work so I can improve and so that I learn from my mistakes. It helps teach me what works and what doesn’t work.

These projects have challenged me in different areas. Using illustrator and learning how to use the vinyl cutter have definitely challenged me. I also challenge myself to learn from previous projects so that I can grow in all areas, especially craft. I would rate myself between medium and intense. I think I am above medium but I haven’t reached intense yet. I still strive to get there.

For other expert experiences I would put myself at “lots of extra stuff” because I am a part of the cross country team. I am on scholarship and I have to work hard and travel on the weekends. It takes up most of my free time but I am also a part of other organizations. I am taking 18 hours which requires a lot of extra time for each class and I have to do all of this while still improving and exceling in my running.

My social emotional development is at the mature level. I am in control of myself and my work. Yes, I stress out and put pressure on myself but I work well with pressure and I feel like I haven’t procrastinated at all this semester. I have been on top of my game with all my assignments and feel like I am striving in my working environment.

I feel like I contribute to the class and would rate myself at warm. I enjoy learning and contributing in this class. I give feedback and participate on a daily basis.

One of my elegant dress designs

One of my elegant dress designs

Match Box from image meth

Match Box from Image Meth.

Current and Projected Expert Hours

On my own time, I have been designing my own clothing line. I am really into fashion and I enjoy sketching new ideas in my free time. Right now, I am currently doing an evening ball gown line. They range from a variety of different styles. Once I complete my long ball gowns, I will start on more casual wear like everyday dresses. After I finish my sketches, I want to scan them into the computer and work with the color tones of each outfit. This is one of many projects I do outside of class. I also like to practice learning more about all the adobe programs so that I can increase my skill in each program. I try to practice at least 2 hours a day. Here is an example of one of my designs.



1) How did your group approach the concept of shelter?  Was it successful? Why?

Our group chose to base our shelter off a yurt. A yurt is a portable, round tent like cover that were used by nomads. We also decided that inside the yurt we would create a camera obscura which reflects an image upside down.We first approached the project by figuring out what our materials would be to create it. we chose cardboard and from there, we found a strategic way to build our shelter. It was successful because we worked as a team and all contributed. We were able to create the camera obscura which was very interesting.

2)What was the group budget for the project? Where did you source your materials and how did they cost?

The group budget was $30. The source of our materials came from the dumpsters at Sears. We were able to find all our cardboard there to build the entire shelter. Our professor, Alex, provided us with the necessary tools like a box cutter, scissors, and tape. The only things we bought were black table cloths and a tarp. In total, we spent about $16.

3)Was the workload equal? Explain.

Yes, the workload was equal. We all contributed to the project equally. We all went together to buy the table cloths and we all spent the same amount of time working. We all gave equal care for our project.

4)What was the strength that you added to the group, your weakness?

The strength of our group was how well we all worked together. We never argued or anything. Everyone contributed and wanted to work hard on the project. We all cared about what we were working on. I would say our weakness was our craft. We had a hard time with the roof and our craft was not very good.

5)What role did you find you played in the group dynamic?

I would say my role in the group dyamic was throwing out ideas for the group and making sure we met to get the work done. We all contributed the same amount though.

6)What advice would you give to the next group that must complete this project?

My advice to the next group that has to complete this project is to really work on craft and understand that it is not going to go as perfectly planned as it is in your head.

outside of shelter

outside of shelter

Allison and I working on the shelter.

Allison and I working on the shelter.

camera obscura inside the shelter.

camera obscura inside the shelter.

the group inside the shelter.

the group inside the shelter.


Part 1:

Kim Garza – Graphic Design

Kim Garza has spent 14 years as a designer, and 5 years as a faculty member. She is an assistant professor of graphic design. She also talked about the multiple titles she has worked as, as well as what graphic design means to her personally. Kim said that she believes in Graphic design as “liberal arts for life”. She talked about her travel app called Eventurist. She showed us clips of her personal collaboration with her husband, which I found fascinating and would love to learn how to do it. she does a combination of video editing and original music. She definitely stuck out to me because her form of work is something I have never seen before and I really like it.

Tammie Rubin – Fine Arts/Ceramics

Tammie started off by explaining the word “chimera” as an object or thing that is hoped for, but is ultimately an illusion. She talked about being a ceramic sculptor, where she uses a combination of manufactured and natural beauty. She also has the use of plastic in her artwork. She also described her work as the line between real and imaginary. I would love to be able to reach the perfect balance of that in my work.

James Scheuren – Photocommunications

James discussed the human aesthetic but that he focuses on human quality and human accidents. He mentioned that his photography as borderline surrealism, meaning he tries to provoke a response. He tries and looks for beauty within the failures of everyday life, while trying to create a personal connection within his photographs.

Part 2:

I really enjoyed this class because it showed me all the possibilities that are open to graphic designers. It helped me realize how important internships are and how to start a portfolio. I think its important to learn all these small details and be taught how to do them in order to be prepared for the real world. I thought this class was helpful and very beneficial.


Part 1:                                                                                                                                               1)How is Warhol able to turn in “off” and based upon the article does he not care about the work?

He talks about how there’s nothing to be afraid of and that he has nothing to lose because it doesn’t matter if he is accepted by a fashionable or well known crowd. He believes the philosophy that nothing really matters but that “it’s magic if it happens and if it doesn’t it doesn’t matter” (146). This allows him to go through life without caring about failure. This doesn’t mean he likes to fail; it means he doesn’t spend or waste time thinking about it. he has his own perspective on the world and he sticks to it. he does his job because it is something he loves to do and that is what we should take from this.

2)Why is the article relevant to the last project?

The article is relevant to our last project because we had to separate ourselves from our work and make it into an environment that could stand alone without us being there to talk about it. we had to separate ourselves from it in order to make a picture with a meaning that could speak for itself.

Part 2:

1)Do you become self-conscious of your ideas?

I’m not a self-conscious person but sometimes I am self conscience of my ideas. I worry about not having a voice and I think that my ideas are not good. I am also not sure if my ideas will be liked by my audience. I want my work to appeal to everyone and not just me.

2)What do you think of the nothing-to-lose attitude? What are its pros and cons?

I think it is a good attitude because it allows you to separate yourself from the outcome, meaning you don’t worry about failure as much. It also has its consequences though. Not caring or paying attention to the consequences can show up in your work. It can come off as you don’t care about your work.


For Project #2, we had to create 5 collages and then pick 2 that surpassed the requirements and transformed a photograph. When I got critiqued, I was asked three questions: 1) What is the primary thing about it?, 2) What does it mean to me? and 3) what is my voice? When i reflected over these questions, I found that I don’t know what my voice is yet and that I need to dig deeper and push myself to find what my voice is and what my work means. I want a purpose to my work but I need to find it still and the only way I can do that is through pushing myself and practicing.