Advanced Type Wrap up

When first starting a project, I reflect, observe and make. I have to generate research by going over the criteria, goals, definitions, and concepts. To make, I need feedback through conversation to talk about my materials and the directions I am going in. this leads to the evaluation of my research. This is coming up with outlines, prototypes, thumbnails, sketches and etc. Moving on, I have to observe what I have created and explore my research more. I have to see what my issues are and what needs to be changed.

My design process starts with the question, what is the problem? I have to see what needs to be done and what is asked of me. Research is the next step. With clear topic/design brief, now I begin to collect visual resources related to the topic. Once I have done my research, I generate ideas. I use the elements and principles that I have learned to create a dynamic composition that meets all the criteria and I consider layout and typefaces. Now, I need to test out my ideas. I choose my best sketches or ideas and create a more detailed version of it. I refine it and choose my color palette and think about the final piece. I like to write about my decisions to make sure I am following the criteria and so that my designs follow the identity or purpose they are trying to fulfill. After feedback and consulting with peers and clients, I revise my design to give the client the best possible work and what they want. If approved, then I move on to maintaining a good design and always striving to make it better.

I think you wonder how I think about design and I think you worry that I wont get my work down because I am a slow worker. As a professor, you want to make sure your students get the work done so that when it comes to real life design work, you can be the best and meet all the deadlines with substantial work. I am critical about myself. I am critical about how my work comes out and Im not always satisfied with my work. I think that if im not critical on myself then how can I ever improve. I have to push myself and motivate myself to want to be the best and to continue improving everyday no matter what. As an athlete, being critical of myself is a very natural thing. I thrive off being critical of myself and from peers giving me constructive criticism. I think it is a part of life and it can only make you better.

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