Sophomore Portfolio Review

As a graphic design student and hopefully a professional designer one day, I need to constantly improve so that I can continue to produce products that I am satisfied with and that fulfill the needs of my workplace and clients. While I am satisfied with the products I have created, my process could be improved. I want to work on thinking on paper more because I have a tendency to jump straight to the computer first. I also want to work on expanding design solutions because I don’t want to neglect solutions that would be a better fit for my designs. I am pleased with my ability to produce quality work. Being able to use the programs or tools effectively has made a difference. I think I have a good understanding of when to use the appropriate program for the appropriate task to create a design. When it comes type, I feel like I pick legible typefaces but I am still working on having the typeface work and what the purpose is of why I picked it. class critiques have helped me to view my projects in different perspectives by understanding and seeing how others view my work so that I know what to fix and what is effective. I believe that I have a good sense of organization when it comes to design and I try to show my capacity to learn and adapt with obstacles. The feedback I get on my work has a big contribution to this.

The three pieces of work I want to focus on that I believe show my growth as a designer is the type specimen poster, the symbol project, and the plotter project. These projects expanded my knowledge and skill on how to work with process. Creating the type specimen poster made me love typography. I loved being able to create my own font and using it in the way that I wanted. I wanted my font to be able to present itself in a way that it could show the meaning through my design of the poster. Though, I find picking typefaces for projects challenging, I’m fascinated to learn more and make it one of my strengths. The symbol project was all about creating and creating so many different iterations that allowed me to push my creativity and skill to a new level that led me to create abstract symbols that still fell under the umbrella of running. It allows my audience to look and find a deeper meaning about running through my symbols. Process was key in the plotter project. It forced me to come up with my own guidelines and strategy to create different designs.

Through the graphic design coursework, I have familiarized myself with the design softwares which I had no former experience in these programs before coming to St. Edwards. There is always room for improvement in my work because I have technical issues while designing because I am unsure how to do certain things and I understand that I must continue to teach myself the software.Learning to put myself in the audience’s shoes has improved my designs as well because it allows me to see if my designs can function in the setting I am designing them for. Overall, I have learned a lot through this program at St. Edward’s and I look forward to continuing to grow and develop as a designer.