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The Internet of Things

In the early 2000’s, only the personal computer was the only household item that would be expected to connect to the internet. As wireless technology became more prevalent and cheap to manufacture, more devices including game consoles, tablet computers, and… Continue Reading → Hub on Two Factor Authentication

Getting the latest information on Cyber Security can be a tough task. Here is a hub where you can get easily digestible information in a beautiful form factor. As you scroll, more and more information will fill in, so… Continue Reading →

Getting Hacked – My Personal Story

As a change of pace, rather than giving advice this week, I’m going to instead tell a personal story of a time that one of my accounts was hacked. I’m a person who has more online accounts than I can… Continue Reading →

Two Factor Authentication – A Safer Way

We all know that password protection is the key to a safe, secure online account. The simple tips of keeping your password complex, unguessable, and secret are obvious, but did you know that there is a step you can take… Continue Reading →

Internet Safety: The names you should know

We here at StaySafer_Online strive to provide you with detailed tips and tricks on how to stay safe on the ‘net. That said, we shouldn’t be your only spot for cyber security discussion – there are plenty of helpful sources… Continue Reading →

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