Staying safe in a connected world

Shopping Smart on the Web

Who doesn’t like convenience?  Life is busy and difficult;  we all appreciate simplicity and shortcuts.  Online shopping allows people to buy things that they need (and want) without having to go to a store.  Items are delivered at the shopper’s… Continue Reading →

The Internet of Things

In the early 2000’s, only the personal computer was the only household item that would be expected to connect to the internet. As wireless technology became more prevalent and cheap to manufacture, more devices including game consoles, tablet computers, and… Continue Reading →

Smart TV’s: Smarter Than You Think.

Can your gadgets spy on you? If so, are they? A smart TV is a digital television that is, essentially, an Internet-connected, storage-aware computer specialized for entertainment. Smart TVs are available as stand-alone products but regular televisions can also be made “smart”… Continue Reading →

Take Five to Stop Fraud

  In the UK, the program Take Five To Stop Fraud works to encourage people to take a moment to stop and think to prevent financial fraud. It is easy to think that you may know the dos and don’ts… Continue Reading →

The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

In today’s internet-centered society, many people are using to dating websites and apps to find partners.  Online dating is becoming a growing service, with many new websites and apps being developed.  While these services can be fun and provide the… Continue Reading →

Don’t Bite the Bait: How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams

Who doesn’t like money?  At some point, most of us dream of getting rich easily and being able to afford a fancy car and a big house.  Unfortunately, some people find a way to easily earn money: by scamming people… Continue Reading → Hub on Two Factor Authentication

Getting the latest information on Cyber Security can be a tough task. Here is a hub where you can get easily digestible information in a beautiful form factor. As you scroll, more and more information will fill in, so… Continue Reading →

Keeping Kids Safe Online

The internet is an invaluable resource, providing us with resources and conveniences unheard of several decades ago.  Unfortunately, with these advantages come dangers.  Children are especially susceptible to the dangers of the internet.  While there are many advantages to allowing… Continue Reading →

WhatsApp Web Security Flaw Discovered; StaySafer using WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Web users are being warned after a vulnerability is discovered that allows hackers to access personal data – luckily there is a very simple fix that everyone should follow. Users of the popular WhatsApp Web service are being warned… Continue Reading →

The importance of Strong Passwords: How Passwords Can Help You StaySafer Online.

Have you noticed that many websites will not let your password include your name, last name, city, birthday, or any related word needed to create an account? This is because including your information makes it a “weak” password. What exactly… Continue Reading →

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