ARTS 1311-01 100 Solutions (10 Photos)


The picture illustrates the 2 eyes inside the cup which is like someone is looking at a scope.

This picture it has a reflection of some kind of alien red looking, and unique different eyes.
– I demonstrate this photo as it is a small red masterpieces.

For  this picture i see it like a spaceship getting ready to travel through the space.
this picture i view it as a three removable tiny lights.

My perspective about this picture its like a pen holder, Also i view the pencil inside the cub as a significant object we use to learn, thus this refers to Education and tells me how education is very important in our lives.

My illustration about this photo is the white flower means peace, and the color of the red flower made out of the cub refers to love.
1- The picture demonstrations is like a skyscraper whenever i look at it i see a tall red skyscraper, and it also tells me how the world have rapidly changed, and modern societies are arising.


This picture makes me feel like there some sand storm happening, and try to take away the cubs with it.
My view about this one that it has the initial A which is referred to my name Abdullah.

Why i chose these 10 photos ?

First i saw that they are unique, and better than the others Second, and Most importantly for me these photos were significant, and easy to describe, and talk about more than the other pictures.

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